Tooth wear and restorative management

Restorative/cosmetic bondings are a highly aesthetic composite material which is bonded onto your natural enamel. Bondings are placed where there is chipped enamel, enamel defects or to improve the shape of your teeth without placing crowns or veneers.

Restorative Bondings


Tooth Wear

Many patients suffer from tooth wear. The causes can be anything from heavy grinding/bruxing, erosion to acid reflux. This can be treated with palatal and buccal veneers, onlay build ups and restorative bondings. Michigan bite splints can also be made after treatment for grinders and bruxers to prevent further wear and damage.

Case study 1

Patient was referred to me as a Reflux patient. Upon examination the enamel was worn on the biting surfaces and very thin on the front teeth. We carried out braces to bring the teeth into the correct alignment and restored the worn enamel with composite onlays, which we also used to build up the bite. On the front teeth we restored the eroded enamel with veneers.

Case study 2

This patient has suffered enamel loss on the inside of the front teeth from erosion. We placed composite veneers on the buccal and palatal surfaces to restore the enamel.

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