Restorative Bondings

Restorative/cosmetic bondings are a highly aesthetic composite material which is bonded onto your natural enamel. Bondings are placed where there is chipped enamel, enamel defects or to improve the shape of your teeth without placing crowns or veneers.

Case study 1

Patient unhappy with the shape and aesthetics. Carried out invisalign to straighten and align the teeth. Bleaching was carried out in the aligners and once completed restorative bondings placed to improve the shape.

  • bonding1before
  • bonding1after

Case Study 2

This young girl had an accident and chipped her front tooth. We used a matrix to help build up the front tooth and layered different shades of composite filling material to resemble the natural shade of enamel.

  • bonding2after
  • bonding2before

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