Midline Diastema Closure

There is a line down the front of your smile called a midline. During childhood these gaps remain open while the teeth are forming. Sometimes when the adult teeth come through and the jaw stops growing the spaces remains between the two front teeth, this is called a diastema. This can be closed either braces, bondings, crowns or veneers.

Case study 1

Patient was looking to improve is smile, we gave him a few options and was keen on the minimal invasive approach. We started by planning the treatment with a wax-up of how the teeth will look. We bleached the upper and lower teeth, and use a treatment called microabrasion to fade the white spots. Once the shade had settled we built up the teeth with a cosmetic filling which is bonded onto the enamel. The bonus of this treatment is that it is very minimal invasive, as no enamel is prepared or removed.

Case study 2

Patient wanted to close the gaps in her teeth and improve the shade. Like with all cosmetic treatment we have a wax up made so the patient is happy with the shapes. We the bleached the teeth to improve the overall shade. When the shade had settled we made very thin porcelain veneers which fit over the front surface of the tooth and bonded onto the enamel.

Case study 3

Patient was undergoing Invisalign treatment to close the spaces in her teeth. Due to the size of the gaps full closure was not possible, so once the braces had been completed we bonded a composite filling onto the front teeth to close the gaps and improve the shape.

What our patients say

" The warm familial atmosphere that greets me as I walk in to the office through to the up-to-the-minute professional care I receive over the years makes it worth going out of my way. "

" I actually look forward to a visit to my dentist’s office, and always come out with a bright smile on my face. All the best to you and all your fine people. You all make it a pleasure to go to the dentist! "