Complex Bleaching

MIH – molar incisor hypomineralisation

This is condition of weakened enamel which mainly effects the anterior teeth and the first molars. Its thought it can start to effect while the baby is in the womb to the age of 4, while the teeth are forming. The causes are yet unknown, but it is thought that premature birth, antibiotics, high fever, oxygen deprivation during birth can play a part in the MIH. The teeth can come through orangey brown and are more susceptible to decay due to the weaker enamel.

Case study 1

This 15 year old was referred to me to remove the white spots. His mum reports ear infections as a child which may have contributed to the MIH. We started by whitening the teeth to improve the overall shade. It then made some of the white spots, whiter, which allowed us to see what other options of treatment was required. We then carried out microabrasion, this is where a bleaching material is polished onto the white spots. We then carried out a treatment called ICON where a resin is infiltrated into the white spots and seals it to mask the spot.

Case study 2

This patient was referred to improve the appearance of his teeth. Patient was very unhappy with the shade and the spots. He also has all four first molars out due to decay. Mum reports a complicated birth. We started by bleaching his teeth and once the shade had settled most of the white spots had fades, although the ones that were present need treatment. We carried out Icon rein infiltration to help mask the white spots.

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