Nino Kaveladze

Dental Nurse

Nino returned to work at Linda Greenwall’s after going back to Georgia to live for 6 years. Nino is a fully qualified dentist in Georgia, and puts her skills and knowledge to use as a specialist dental nurse. Nino plays a vital role in assisting for the specialists and making the patients feel comfortable during surgery.

In her spare time Nino enjoys going to music concerts, socialising with friends and spending time with her daughter and husband.




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What our patients say

" The warm familial atmosphere that greets me as I walk in to the office through to the up-to-the-minute professional care I receive over the years makes it worth going out of my way. "

" I actually look forward to a visit to my dentist’s office, and always come out with a bright smile on my face. All the best to you and all your fine people. You all make it a pleasure to go to the dentist! "